Inspiration is a funny thing—one part knowledge, one part awareness of a problem, then a divine bolt of inspiration unites both to form a solution.

The founder of Foil Flyer was hit by such a revelation while reading an article online about Global Warming, and noticing an ad for a Lake Tahoe ski resort in the margins of the screen. This juxtaposition jolted him into the realization that the days of heading to mountains to ski and snowboard were rapidly drawing to a close—Global Warming threatens to gradually make these sports obsolete.


Of course, skiing and snowboarding will continue indefinitely, yet their locales will become fewer and farther between. If an alternative to skiing and snowboarding is not developed, diehard skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts will be forced to travel further and further to fulfill their passion for hurtling down a mountainside. Thus they will be greater producers of greenhouse gases, magnifying the effects of Global Warming.

Also, having been raised in a rural environment, the founder of Foil Flyer empathized with the inhabitants of many mountain villages, hamlets and townships who depend on revenue from skiing and snowboarding for their survival, and that was the last push needed for him to create the sport of foiling.

He pulled out his sketch pad and began developing Foil Flying. Here are some of his original drawings.

Foil Flyer Concepts